After many years on the Danish musical underground scene, Anja T. Lahrmann devoted herself to electronic compositions and computer generated music. During the summer of 2016 her investigations developed into her new solo alias Excelsior. 


With Excelsior, Lahrmann draws on a wide range of inspiration such as choral music, sacral rituals and female pioneer dancers. She is inspired by musical sources such as Broadcast and their deceased lead singer Trish Keenan as well as more current artists such as Julia Holter. Artists from the avantgarde electronic music such as Mort Garson and Morton Subotnick have also influenced Lahrmann's musical universe.


Excelsior released her debut EP "Superimposed" in May 2017 on the Danish label Antiphonics.

In 2019 Excelsior signed with the Danish record label The Big Oil Recording Company and is releasing her debut album later this year.


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SPOT Festival 

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 

Lost Lands Festival

Frost Festival

Det Gyldne Liv Festival





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