Frk. Jacobsen, full name Anja Jacobsen, is a Danish singer, composer, drummer and percussionist and a long-time member of the experimental music scene in Copenhagen. Besides being a member of Selvhenter and founder of the vocal ensemble Valby Vokalgruppe she is also in frequent collaborations, e.g. DRUMS, a setup with four drummers, including Chris Corsano, Øyvind Skarbø and Michaela Antalová.


Frk. Jacobsen started as a solo outlet with Anja Jacobsen playing all instruments on her 2013 solo debut EP "Lobsters". The debut album Thin Dry Sticks was released in September 2018 on Eget Værelse. The live band includes Lil Lacy (vocal, keys), Lars Bech Pilgaard (guitar) and Nicolai Kaas Claesson (bass). Frk. Jacobsen is free pop and complex beauty.

In the beginning of 2019 Anja Jacobsen won the Danish critics award Steppeulven as Musician of the Year.

In June 2019 Frk. Jacobsen performed a solo show at Roskilde Festival. 

Frk. Jacobsen

Band members

Anja Jacobsen - drums, vocal

Lil Lacy - keyboard

Lars Bech Pilgaard - guitar

Nicolai Kaas Claesson - bass


Previous bookings

Roskilde Festival

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Borealis Festival

Festival PB43





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